Hello, I'm a Software Engineer based in Barcelona!

Joan Albert

Digital Craftsman ( Developer & Freethinker )

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Joan Albert is a freelance and a full-stack developer based in Barcelona with a passion for building digital services/stuff he wants. He has a knack for solving real-life problems with code. When not online, he loves traveling or practicing some extreme sport. Currently, he co-founded his own company, Swipoo, and he's leading the engineering team as a CTO.


1996Born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
2014Enrolled in the UAB Computer Engineering Degree.
2017Work @ Kiwi.com - Fullstack Developer
2020Work @ ManoMano - Fullstack Developer
2021Work @ Capchase - Software Engineer

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Travelling, Coding, Food (😋), Sports, Learning and exploring (about anything)

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